Why does hair split?

A bit of theory

Trichoptilosis or hair section is caused by a number of factors. First, in order for the outer sheath of the hair to be damaged and the hair to be divided into several painful parts, we need total dryness of the hair along its length. So dry most often are long hair, hair after henna and household chemical dyes, after ironing, regularly blow-dry on a hot and intensive mode.

However, in this state the hair has not yet exfoliated, it is simply very dry, sometimes brittle. To start the cross section you need mechanical damage. Or (more often) mechanical damage happened even with normal, not over-dried hair. And then, when the moisture was not enough, the hair split.

So if the hair splits, a combination of both of these factors occurred: hair dehydration and mechanical damage.

Take care (hairdresser), Barber

The worst thing that can happen to your hair is a damn hairdresser. Horseradish is greedy and lazy, who does not sharpen his scissors in time, and also works as a cheap soft metal that loses sharpening almost immediately. Haircut blunt scissors ensure the appearance of split ends, if not immediately, then as soon as the hair in the place of the cut will begin to lose moisture. Scissors need to sharpen the rarest every six months with a small stream of customers. If the hairdresser has a lot of hairstyles, scissors need to be sharpened every couple of months. Ask the master when he sharpened the scissors. Alas, it is not visible to the eye, and nobody gives certificates for sharpening. By the way, it is precisely the absence (very often!) Of normal sharpening that hot scissors, clippers, etc. are harmful.

I decided for myself the question first, sharpening every 2-2.5 months of all my scissors. Secondly, for long hair and hair prone to the cross-section, I started separate, super-sharp scissors, which I no longer use for anything.

The second hairdressing “sin” – cosmetic procedures that are disguised as healing – “keratin”, “botox” and their ilk. Those in which the composition is sealed with a hot iron for hair. Their principle of operation is that when heated, the composition expands and is fixed in the structure of the hair. At this point, in the process of expansion, the composition destroys the hair even more. Then, when in a few weeks this composition starts to wash out, severely damaged, dried-up rags will remain on the head, which will be cut with terrible force. And a bit of improvement can only repeat the procedure. And over time, the hair will be damaged to such an extent that it remains only to trim them since the new dose of the composition will simply have nothing to catch.

And what to do if the hair splits?

  • The most important thing is to look for a hairdresser you trust. And regularly wander to it. And regularly – not necessarily often. The main thing – systematically. And implement his recommendations.
  • Monitor health, drink vitamins, do not get sick, do not experience stress, get enough sleep and eat well.
  • Do not make dubious procedures, do not rush to the novelties, think with your head and analyze before starting experiments with your head.
  • Remove existing splitting hair with an adequate cut and/or hand polishing. Hair polishing attachment cannot be done. Do not cut the split ends is also impossible, the bundle will crawl up and the damage will become very noticeable!
  • Minimize mechanical damage to hair. Abandon old-fashioned wooden combs, cheap plastic, metal. I believe that wet hair can be combed only by Tangle Teezer. Although now there is more budget and, they say, quite good counterparts. I haven’t tried it yet. Do not stab hair with silly iron hairpins, too tight elastic bands, protect from the sun with special cosmetics and hats-caps in the summer, and from the frost with hats in the winter. Sure to!
  • It is possible to stack only dried hair. The procedure is as follows: washed, soaked with a towel, applied indelible care and/or styling, combed with a teaser, dried with a comb without a warm hair dryer, semi-dry hair began to be laid. By the way, you cannot rub your hair with a towel, you need to wrap your head in a “turban” and wait.
  • Minimize ironing. Before them, be sure to use thermal protection.

And let your hair be with you, which is healthy from root to tip, smooth, shiny, long and elastic.

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