Thin hair. How to make beautiful?

Step 1. Determine the scale of the disaster.

By themselves, thin hair is not a problem then you using best hair straightening brush 2019. Difficulties exist in three cases: thin hair is stretched too long and constantly tangled, thin hair is also sparse, and the skull glows (or just not enough volume in the growth zone) and thin hair is damaged (and they are damaged more easily by more dense hair). ).

Step 2. Choose care for thin hair.

Usually, the main problems that can be solved by care are two: lack of volume and constant confusion. Phenomenal volume to finish and fail, but you can slightly improve the situation.

Special “volumetric” shampoos are a great thing, but they can easily dry out the scalp. So I used to always alternate them with shampoos from moisturizing lines or special means for the care of the scalp.

I surprisingly fell in love with “thickening” means. In the mass market, this is surprisingly successful Elsev Fibrology and in the professional – Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Fiber Force. True, I have that from one, that from the second line my head itches. Also for the effect of the greater density of hair, I highly recommend lamination. It creates a film around each hair and really makes the hair thicker and denser.

If the hair is not damaged, it is possible to replace the washable balm/conditioner with an indelible spray conditioner. Often, it helps not to over-exalt thin hairs by leaving. I like inexpensive sprays, for example, Belita-Vitex, Ollin, some Gliss Kur sprays. Another cool Schwarzkopf BC Repair Rescue Biomimetic Spray-conditioner, but it is suitable for damaged hair, for health will be heavy.

By the way, to solve the problem of hair confusion, such sprays are a real salvation. Plus, of course, Tangle Teezer. I strongly advise you to spend money, this comb is worth it. Before each combing, I apply a spray on the hair and disassemble the strands with a teaser.

Step 3. The most important – the choice of haircuts for fine hair.

If you have thin hair, it is better not to grow super-length. No, there are, of course, super-thick thin hair, smooth as glass. I even cut these a couple of times. But this is a rare rarity. There are also beautiful thin very thick curls. They also look great in length.

But if you have traditional slightly wavy or straight Slavic not too thick hair, cut them off above the shoulder blades at least. It will be easier to live and the head will look much more beautiful and beautiful. And chase away the thoughts of cascades and filurika. For thin hair, you need a tight straight cut, which will create the effect of density. And I strongly advise updating the haircut regularly, so that the clarity of the cut is not lost. then long thin hair will look beautiful and healthy. If the length is fundamentally important, do hairstyles, buns, volumetric braids. In general, do not let thin ends burst in the wind.

For those who do not like length in principle, there are beautiful graduated haircuts that are either jaw length or slightly higher / lower. They usually look very good even on thin hair, but require regular styling.

By the way, colouring plays an important role in creating a beautiful hairstyle on thin hair. The ideal option, at least for myself after long deliberation, I chose this – clarification with a slight darkening of the roots. Lightening agent will make hair more rigid, they will look more beautiful and keep the shape better. And the darkening of the root zone visually makes the hair more voluminous.

This is how the darkening of the root zone visually works. By the way, for a bright blond on thin hair, a slightly darker zone (half a tone-tone) is mandatory. Too light roots in the sun create the effect of bald spots.

Step 4. Styling fine hair and the choice of styling tools.

Usually, on short hair, I advise you just to dry your hair upside down to get the volume. Of course, you can do the styling using brush-brushing or, for example, a rotary hairdryer. In general, everything is as usual.

But styling saves. I like to use dry products for volume, special powders or just dry shampoos (I adore Baptiste, I use 2-3 times a week). Again, I use dark Baptiste on the roots, it creates volume and density depicts

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