Ollin Ice Cream spray-conditioner: a great spray for hair in the winter and not only

I do not cease to be surprised by Ollin hair cosmetics: this is a Russian professional brand that makes very, very cool hair products at very reasonable prices. Just the same pride in the domestic producer takes! I like this Ollin Ice Cream spray-conditioner spray conditioner very much and use it for myself and in my work all year round.

In general, conditioner sprays are one of my favourite products. And very multifunctional! Spray conditioner:

  • for very thin and light, devoid of hair volume replaces the classic conditioner;
  • for very dry and damaged hair complements the care;
  • makes combing easier for any hair;
  • helps to restore the texture of the curls after combing/removes “fading”;
  • protects hair from tangling and mechanical damage.

This Ollin Ice Cream spray-conditioner conditioner can be used in any of the listed options.

However, this is a special series designed for winter hair care. It has a more dense and nourishing texture and perfectly removes static electricity from the hair.

Plus a gorgeous scent. It seems to me that it would have smelled like creamy beer from the Harry Potter universe: creamy fudge and beer. Although most of the clients believe that it smells like candy 🙂

Add to this a low price, a bottle that fits comfortably in your hand, and a soft pulvelliser that gives you a “little cloud” of means – you will understand why I already have 6 bottles 🙂 Although I do not promise, and sometimes I buy other spray conditioners for testing. This is just trying to always have on hand.

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