In pursuit of baby hair: a spray for the scalp and Alerana mask

I’ll start with the serum, I liked it less, although of course, the main effect is from her. In a blue bottle with a terribly inconvenient dispenser poured odourless lotion, which needs to be rubbed into the scalp once a day.

What’s wrong with him? A very bad dispenser, when you spray a tool, the lotion also flows along the arm, which you press on the button. The expense is huge. As a result, I simply unscrewed the structure, gathered lotion with an external pipette and applied it to the roots. Buy the next time I find a container in which you can immediately pour it and use it comfortably. But the expense, in any case, is very large. The bottle was enough for me for 20 days of use (assuming that I did not put it on the occipital zone at all, and rather quickly reduced the amount of lotion in principle), and the course was 2 months. However, it is not expensive, and you can buy. I did not immediately begin to repeat.

When using hair does not stain, does not burn.

First, I ran out of lotion, but I didn’t see the effect. And then, a week after the end of the use of lotion (it turns out, on the fifth week of the course) at some point I began to comb my hair in the morning, and I have an op and centimetre baby on my forehead. Hurray 🙂 It grows itself further and does not particularly thin.

But Alerana masks intensive nutrition is perfect.

I was very pleased with the product that is applied to the scalp and hair. It’s difficult and inconvenient to use two different things, but here it’s all at once.

The mask smells faint and pleasant, yellowish, creamy. I applied the mask generously on the skin and then spread it over the hair. The consumption is quite large, the mask lasted for 2.5 months of use 1-2 times a week. That is about 15 uses. I already bought the next one, but I haven’t opened it yet, I’m going to knock out the other open banks.

The mask perfectly nourishes, unravels the hair, after it they are gorgeous: soft, dense, shiny. I haven’t cut my hair since November; the ends are the end, but after this mask, they don’t bristle and lie very decently.

The mask calms the scalp, with it my head used to itch much less often. I think that there are also masks in the regrowth of new hair, at least on the fact that they grow strong and long. Now the forehead is already not visible separately, it has “grown” into the total mass of hair. At the same time, the mask does not fatten the roots at all and does not eat volume.

The mask has one minus – it unrealistically strongly washes away the colour of dyed hair. Moreover, I washed the client too much of the shade a couple of times so that the effect was more natural 🙂 So I do not recommend her dyed hair, especially to blondes. My toning from it goes exactly one time. The rest is a divine bottle!

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