Grow hair with Solgar Vitamin and Herb Hair, skin and nails

I didn’t want and don’t want to grow the length, on the contrary, I have a good haircut and I want to stay longer in it. But I noticed a total absence of fresh “antenok” in the hair growth zone. So for some reason, I do not grow new hair. I decided to feed the bulbs up to activate their work. At the same time get rid of the problem of bumming on the lips, which killed me all summer. And since I finally became friends with Sherborn, the choice fell on the well-known Solgar Vitamin and Herb and the Hair, skin and nails complex.

I will not write the composition and description, all this can be viewed right here (just a link, no referral codes and affiliate programs :), and here you can buy a lieutenant at a reasonable price (in White more than double!).

Tablets are large, they need to drink 2 pcs per day, with meals. It is difficult to swallow this thing, although I had never encountered the problem of “hard to swallow pills.” After taking them, I have an unpleasant feeling of nausea for a while. But not critical. 120 tablets on the idea should be enough for 2 months, but I drank a month for the course and then began to drink in a day or two because I do not need SUCH hair growth rate.

Hair. Increased growth in the pictures it shows. Just very much, 3 cm per month has grown exactly. A little bit of new hair also appeared, but I was hoping for a thicker undercoat. We’ll see a couple of months later.

Nails I have a gel, usually, I do the correction once every 5 weeks and my nails are still well kept. Now after 3 weeks the industry is unreal. So who has problems with growth is a delight. I again – do not need this.

Leather. But with the skin, I did not see any pleasant changes. Wrinkles have not diminished, the complexion has not improved, plus acne, which I have not seen on myself for a long time, constantly overcome. I don’t know if this is related to pills, but the fact is. Although the terrible icicles that poisoned my life all summer, no more TTTs appeared, and that was bread.

In general, tablets are cool for those who want to grow the length of nails and hair. But it’s not me, at least for now. So I will not repeat the slang now, I will try something else.

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