Cream gel for curls L’Oreal Professionnel Bouncy and Tender

I continue to look for cool styling products for curls. My problem is that the hair grows, and so far in the vilest length when they are still pushing, but in the curls are not normally collected. Now this cream gel, the full name of which, by the way, does not fit into the headline of L’Oreal Professionnel Dual Stylers Bouncy and Tender Intra-Cylane 2-in-1, my main styling tool, although I’m not happy with it 100%.

Packaging – tube, which is on the neck. Inside the tube, there is another tube, a double spout and all this, IMHO, is completely useless, beautiful, attracts attention, but is non-functional. With the same success, it was possible to mix everything at once. Squeezing out a gel or cream separately, or at least somehow controlling the amount of one or the other means, is unrealistic. So now, for example, I have squeezed out significantly more gel, which I do not need in such quantities, and I cannot add cream to my inner tube.

So, two products, gel and cream. They are mixed and applied to wet hair to form a texture. Then it can be dried naturally or with a hair dryer with a diffuser. In the summer I do without a hair dryer, it turns out more fashionable surfer waves (as in the photo). With a diffuser, it is the curls that I like more. Of the minuses – it makes my hair shorter, I need less gel, more cream, but see paragraph 1. For this, after drying, I start an interesting quest: disassemble the macaroni on my head, without turning them into fluff. Sometimes it comes out.

The cream is supposed to care for hair. But I do not see any additional care. However, here it should be noted that I constantly use other indelible care products. Plus, the hair is in excellent condition, nothing more is needed. I walk my 2 days between washings with good styling if you don’t touch your hair and don’t collect it. After the gum on the head guard just due to styling means with fixation (hair, as it were, under the hairpin, gum, etc.).

In general, with its 1000 (or even more) rubles, the cream is not definitely worth it. But I use it to the end, because the result is quite acceptable and, if confused, really beautiful. I really like the texture that this cream gel creates.

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