The series is designed for hair care after keratin procedures: straightening and care. Both products do not contain salts, sulphates and anything else harmful. I am keratin noted, but I again bleached blonde, so I need the softest shampoo/balm that would not wash off the colour.

The first thing you clearly notice is the smell of the series. It is fantastic – sweet, chocolate and very festive. I have a new year mood for these funds that shook the head in early October. And all because my mother bought me a shower gel somewhere far away in my golden childhood, it seems to me that Faberlic has a limited tiramisu flavour. This “tiramisu” is smelled by the means of the Alfaparf keratin line. And since that year, maybe 99, or maybe zero, I adore New Year’s body restraints and buy buckets all kinds of Christmas candied fruits and winter vanilla. The smell stays on my hair for a long time, I often received compliments to what smells of some amazing sweets from me.

The second thing that draws attention is the super-tight clasp on the lid. I keep both bottles open because I cannot open my fingers myself: I have to pick scissors or call my husband.

The shampoo is white, liquid, it does not foam well the first time and find the second time. Very soft, really almost does not wash away the colour. I will clarify that while this is really the first shampoo, which is palpable, it visibly prolongs the life of the dye. Hair does not dry at all, although I never get around without air conditioning. Large consumption due to the texture and the need to soap hair 2-3 times (3 times if there was a lot of styling).

Air conditioning is also very very good, but not outstanding. The texture is a light cream, even a little cream gel. Economical, well distributed through the hair. According to the instructions he needs to give a few minutes of exposure on the hair. I sometimes hurry and wash off immediately, it still conditions perfectly. The hair after it is soft, combed well, I put it from the roots, it does not appear too greasy.

Together with this pair, the hair looks very good, the colour keeps on the bleached hair a record long 3-4 weeks. With it the scalp feels great, neither dryness nor pruritus, as it began to happen to me.

But one thing: you have to wash your head every day with natural hair, every day with bleached hair. For me, it is very common, much more often than with less nutritious foods. And they get dirty like that all at once: everything was good and beautiful, and then bang – hung. Good thing I live with a battery of dry shampoos.

But for those who already wash their heads every day, and at the same time paints it (a brutal combination, it is necessary to paint very often) – this is probably the best option that I’ve met in my life.

The price bites, but they are worth it. I would be glad to return to them closer to the summer, when and so I increase the frequency of washing the head.

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