A little more about Batiste: original and divine dark

I have already written many times that I adore dry shampoos, actively use them myself and advise clients no less actively. And Batiste – the best option, as for me. It costs a lot of money (despite what to compare, the same Tony & Guy is just as good but twice as expensive) and works well. I wrote about the special surround, today about the classic original and special for brunettes divine dark.

Normal spray under pressure, it has a fine powder. I have a standard volume of 200 ml, some varieties are still sold in a reduced size, it seems 100 ml, but I could be wrong. One bottle is enough for me for 20-30 applications as a dry shampoo (for about 3-4 months of regular use) or for 10-15 uses as a means of styling for voluminous evening hairstyles.

The legendary Batiste Original did not impress me very much. Yes, it is a wonderful dry shampoo that is flawless! copes with its purpose. It is invisible on the hair with proper use. And I tried it even on bright brunettes if it is RIGHT to use no “grey hair”, “raid”, “dust” there. How correct? I wrote in great detail here in this post. But, he does not give this steep volume, as his “volume” fellow Volume XXL. Of these two for myself, I definitely buy Volyum. By the way, the Volyum has a very strong and not very pleasant smell, the original is more pleasant in this regard. Another advantage: it does not make the roots so hard, almost never felt on the hair, suck does not dry the skin, and is generally ideal for regular use.

I’ll show you how it all looks like:

Very dirty hair, not specially washed for a long time, conducted experiments 🙂

Batiste Divine dark differs from the classic version in the flavour and of the powder itself. His smell is not strong, unmemorable. Powder cold brown.

I do not use it myself (but I can, I tried because I can shake the powder out of my hair), but I regularly use it for clients. It completely copies the original behaviour: it does not in itself give a huge amount (but is a smart base for volumetric styling), is not noticeable, does not dry, does not interfere. Moreover, a client came to me, and I did not notice that there was a dry shampoo on her hair. Just noted that the hair is clean. I saw only when we began to wash our hair before cutting, and the foam flowed brown. By the way, yes, after it you need to wash the bath, and the towel, which I advise you to shake out the dry shampoo from the hair after application, will be painted (but then it will be washed out without any problems in the machine).

I advise everyone, I love these products very much, I always have a couple of bottles at home for myself and clients. In Samara, you can buy in the Golden Apple and on the “island” with the cosmetics in Cosmoport.

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