This is the way it is going to be – my own vision for my new site, TPCBSA. I want to envision a better world, quite frankly, and even though it doesn’t appear that what I envision is happening as fast as I’d like, I’m going to keep trying.

I want peace. It’s actually kind of difficult to “see” what “peace” actually looks like, but for one thing, I have this idea that maybe I’m walking down a really busy road, and people of all backgrounds are just kind of smiling and laughing and waving to one another.

It’s not difficult for that particular picture to form up in my mind. One thing that has been helping me is to turn off the television and Facebook and all that. I get a more peaceable feeling then, and it’s a little easier for me to keep the picture in mind.

Perhaps you would join me with this vision. If so, the world will thank you! Have a peace filled day.

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